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My name is Christoph, and I am the founder of a human rights organization called HEARTHS, which is short for HElping African Refugees To Help themSelves. Instead of just providing direct help for people with personal needs, it is our purpose is to inspire, motivate, empower and educate refugees and poor people from Africa, so they can begin to unite, work together and help each other. To achieve our objective, we are in the process of starting many sustainable projects like the development of a school, where our members can learn practical skills of how to build things and create art which then can be sold, the acquisition of renovation an office building, which will be used as a counseling center for the many traumatized youth, and to start a variety of businesses, which will allow us to generate some kind of revenue so our members can learn to support themselves, instead of just always being dependent on the help of others.

We are just now in the building phase of this amazing organization, and we do not have any sponsors at this point, so we are looking for other good-hearted people to network with. We are officially registered in Liberia since March of this year, but also like to do this here in Germany. Our director of HEARTHS Africa wrote a constitution, but we also need to write one here for Germany, so I am looking for the assistance of somebody here in Germany who could help with that. Also, we need help with project writing and fund raising, so if you could assist with that, we greatly would appreciate it.

For more information, please view our website at, or group blog at and our facebook group at the page of my personal website which also introduces our group to you in german:

I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and interst, and really hope you can help us to become a successful human rights organization, which is able to significantly help reduce poverty in Africa.

With heartfelt freetings,

Christoph Ebert
Founder of HEARTHS

01717 516773
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